Business Attorney in Dallas, TX

Business Attorney in Dallas, TX

The Top Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Retaining Commercial/Business Counsel

1. Your Company Needs Legal Representation Now.
If you think your company is too small to utilize the legal resources of a business law firm with over 25 years of experience, you're wrong. In the highly competitive world of regional and international business, "An ounce of [legal] prevention is worth a pound of [legal] cure". The ability to construct a clear and legally binding road map in a well-drafted and concise contract can prevent disputes which could otherwise develop into highly expensive and unpredictable matters in litigation or arbitration.

2. Your Company can Afford Legal Representation Now.
Unlike most law firms, we have a long history of offering "Flat Fee" representation options when possible. Even if the initial representation requires the standard hourly rate Engagement Letter, in some instances we are able to subsequently amend our representation agreement to switch to Flat Fee terms on a project-to-project basis, thus allowing your business to create a clear "Bottom-Line Legal Budget".

3. Know your Business and What Your Business Needs in Seeking Correct Law Firm
You know your business better than anyone. Just as you wouldn't visit the cardiologist for an ankle sprain, don't make the assumption that all law firms and all lawyers are the same - they are not. Seek the counsel that best fits your current business requirements and remember, in many instances your company may currently or in the future require additional counsel in more than one area of law, to fully provide the representation your company needs.

4. You can [and Should] Create a "Legal Budget" for your Company
Your company has multiple items budgeted on a monthly, bi-annual or annual basis. The ability to designate funds for the business's necessary legal needs are no different. In every instance, the legal budget and flexibility is greatly diminished once a serious dispute arises and is even further diminished once litigation or arbitration commences.

5. Preventative Legal Care is a Fraction of Litigation/Arbitration Representation
Just as preventive health care can prevent far more costly subsequent medical procedures or even surgery, so it is with legal representation. Working closely with our firm in an ongoing relationship can provide you with the necessary contractual agreements and legal counsel required in order to avoid potentially serious and financially threatening problems and disputes.